Opening to Your Dreams

We all have dreams.

Dreams for a satisfying relationship, dreams for a closer family, dreams to express our creativity through art, writing or music.

Dreams inspire us to make positive changes in our lives. Dreams call us to be our very best selves, our true selves.

And yet dreams can also feel like a noose around our necks. If we let them lie dormant for too long dreams become regrets. If only I had…why didn’t I…I wish I could finally.

My clients tell me that it often seems as though there is a barrier between themselves and their dreams. A barrier that is too wide, too tall or too strong to get past. Sometimes they feel unworthy and following their dreams can even feel forbidden.

Although it can be helpful to understand why this barrier comes between you and your dreams (usually related to experiences of childhood), in my work with my clients we focus our attention on how to move past their barriers.

Time and time again I’ve seen that healing happens when the person I’m working with takes the smallest conscious step toward their dreams.

In our work together we have focused conversations and we co-create rituals to inspire them forward. These rituals, irresistibly simple, when practiced encourage a rush of good feeling, a strong sense of “this is right”. An opening forward is created that we support with our ongoing work together.

Here is my invitation to you.

Discover a place of readiness.

Discover a place of readiness to move toward your dreams. Sit in a quiet place, light a candle, take a deep breath, burn something that smells wonderful such as cedar, sage, sweet grass or incense. Find a place of quiet within yourself. Relax into the moment, tune into your dream and choose to decide that you are ready. Say “I am ready”. Try it on for size and let whatever feelings arise.

Create a simple ritual.

Ask yourself “what is the smallest step I could take toward my dream?” If you want to write, the smallest step might be getting out a pen and paper, finding a quiet place to sit, and writing 5 sentences each night before bed. If you want to create art, the smallest step might be making a colourful gesture with your oil pastels first thing each morning in your notebook of unlined white paper. If you want to draw in a love relationship begin by placing your hands on your heart then open your arms wide and say “I am open to love”.

Create a ritual that has meaning for you, a ritual that is simple and inviting.

Experience an opening.

Choosing readiness and creating a ritual becomes an opening forward. Practicing your ritual aligns you with your dream purely and simply.

What follows can feel as though the universe meets you to show you your next step.

There is a popular quote that reads “The moment one commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never have otherwise occurred.”

You have everything to gain by answering the call of your dreams. The quality of your life depends on finding your way forward.

Take one small step.

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