I Choose

Last week, my family met in Iowa to gather around my 93 year old father’s bedside as he was moving towards death.

Those days of vigil were so beautiful. We held his hand and talked to him, my mother sang to him, we all sang together, the minister visited (he sang with us too), the caregivers cared gently for him, we laughed and told stories and we encouraged him to let go.

When my father passed away, we were all so relieved that his journey toward death was over. It was so much like the labour of birth both mystical and physical.

At the end we stood around his bed in celebration and in sorrow.

It was an awe-inspiring experience.

My father was a good person. He lived his life with humor and integrity and made a big difference in the lives of so many.

I feel fortunate to be his daughter.

The day after my dad died was my birthday and although it didn’t feel very birthday like my oldest sister had to my amazement, remembered to bring a birthday card in her suitcase. She chose the perfect card for me, with the words “I choose to live a life of love”.


I noticed an unwritten card on the table from my mom and I asked her to write a little something in it. Her sweet spontaneous words brought tears to my eyes.

It’s all about presence…a few words, the look in your eye and the feel of your touch.

Simple gestures hold great meaning and impart nourishing doses of love.

I’m home now taking some time to reflect. I’m getting lots of rest, drinking great big glasses of cool water and spending time on my back deck with the birds and our new resident chipmunk.

Today, this is my way of “choosing to live a life I love”.

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