Love Notes

I used to be a letter writer. I’d wait till the spirit moved me and I’d write directly from my heart. Writing letters was a way of spending quality time with loved ones who lived far away.

My friends and I had a creative letter writing exchange. We expressed ourselves through words, photos and sometimes through art, found objects and even scents.

Opening our letters was like opening tiny packages of love.

Sometimes writing a letter was a way to mark a turning point. I remember sending a particular letter to my parents that said, “sit down before you read this”. I was about to tell them that I was pregnant with my first child. What a surprise!

Sometimes writing letters was a way to secure a connection. I wrote letters every day to my first love when we spent 7 months 10,000 miles apart.

This year on my birthday I knew I was going to be spending the day on my own. I was visiting my sweetheart in a tiny town where I didn’t know anyone else and he was going to be working during the day. Before I left on my trip I got the bright idea of writing letters on my birthday and made sure I packed my address book.

On my birthday I bought a box of cards, went to a lovely little coffee shop and I wrote sweet notes one by one to people who I love.

I wrote one to my Mom and Dad who are both in their 90’s. I wrote one to my oldest sister one to my brother. I didn’t plan who I was going to write to. Rather, I just picked up a card and let the recipient come to mind.

I kept it simple, limiting my message to the surface of the small card. It was freeing to have just a particular area to cover with words.

There was no way I could “catch up” with my sweet friends on the west coast who I haven’t seen in far too long. I couldn’t fill my first love in on everything that has happened in the 7 years since we last exchanged letters.

I was writing “love notes”!

In between my writing I would sit and think about all the loved ones I wasn’t writing too. If you are one of them…and you know who you are….I want you to know that I was holding you in my heart on my special day. I felt so loved as person after person that I care about came to mind. It was a ritual of love. I honestly could have written for days.

Writing notes was such a wonderful way to spend time with my loved ones on my birthday!

Why wait until your birthday to connect to your loved ones. Create a ritual for yourself. Make yourself a cup of tea. Get out a stack of cards. Got to a special place and write some love notes to your loved ones.

And while you’re at it…send a love note to yourself!

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