Let Yourself be Called

Earlier this week, I went out in my back yard to fill the bird feeder with seed. It was a bright afternoon and my eye was drawn to a giant spider web perfectly illuminated in the sun. It took my breath away. What a work of art!

I got up close to observe the complex beauty and to say hello to the huge spider waiting in the middle.

When the beauty of life calls out to you take the time to notice.

Let yourself be called.

By the rose that just opened, the bird that is singing outside your window, the steam rising from your cup of tea, the full moon.

Let yourself be called by that ripe tomato and the grapes bursting with flavour and the smile on your loved one’s face.

No matter how busy you are, take the time to listen, look, smell, taste and touch.

Linger in the moment with appreciation, curiosity, awe, peace and exuberance!

Let yourself be touched by life.

Answer the call and come alive!

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