Spontaneous Ritual

This summer, after we packed up our campsite loaded the canoe and were ready to leave for home, I said “Wait, we have one more thing to do! We have to say goodbye!”

My partner and I stopped everything, returned to our campsite and walked around it one last time. We said, thank you to the trees that sheltered us, we offered gratitude to the water that we swam in and said farewell to the chipmunks that scurried around our cooking area.

This simple ritual was like an after thought but we didn’t miss our opportunity. Taking the time to say goodbye by acknowledging our connection to the beautiful place we had camped was so satisfying.

Later in the summer when we were leaving the little cottage we rented on Cape Breton Island, once again I said, “Wait, there’s one more thing to do!”

I invited my son and my partner to perform a short ritual by saying, “Stand like me. Raise your arms high and say thank you to this beautiful place”.

They couldn’t resist!

The three of us stretched our arms up and out and said “Goodbye beautiful place and thank you!”

Our ritual was short and sweet. We shared a moment of the pure pleasure together.

When I go on a trip it’s always hard for me to get out my door. I’m a real homebody and although I love to travel, just before I leave, I usually find myself walking from room to room saying a quick goodbye.

It might sound silly but this simple ritual helps me feel connected and it gives me the courage to leave on my adventure.

I encourage you to create spontaneous rituals. When the spirit moves you, the right time is usually now.

Infuse the actions you choose with consciousness and they will have a lasting influence, offering meaning, healing, grounding, celebration and connection to your life.

Keep them simple. Your rituals can be quick but not hurried.

Let yourself sink into the moment.

Pause to appreciate the morning light.
Light a candle before you read that poem.
Blow a kiss.
Flash a smile.
Place your hand on your heart.
Hug one more time.
Smell the flower.
Say, “I love you” to yourself.

Enjoy the nourishment of spontaneous rituals!

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