Spiders and the Power of Intention

One morning earlier this week I looked out the window and although I anticipated seeing rays of sun, I was disappointed to be greeted by fog. I considered not going on my bike ride. Sometimes all it takes is a minor inconvenience to derail a beloved practice. But I gave myself a little encouragement and got out the door and in no time at all I was enjoying the feeling of the cool droplets of water on my skin.

I rode along the path and when I reached the area that opens to a meadow, there was a dazzle of spider webs all dressed up with the glisten of dew. I was so grateful to be witness to this natural wonder.

Have you ever noticed the beauty of a spider web? They are truly works of art. The silken strands are all formed perfectly to make a web to catch what the spider desires most…food! Then the spider waits for its meal to arrive. I imagine it waits patiently, alertly and with complete belief that its prey will appear. And when it makes contact with its web, it takes fast action to devour it. What a celebration!

Clear intention is infused in all the work I do with my clients. We create simple practices to support their intentions and we design ceremonies with their intentions at the heart. It is amazing to witness the change that happens in my client’s lives in such a short time when they discover a clear intention and support it by taking action.

I encourage you to create crystal clear intentions then spin your web of support. And don’t forget to celebrate when you’ve actualized your dreams!

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