Pure Potential

My birthday is like a portal of self-love. I go to sleep the night before, confident that the day will be special no matter what I do. And sure enough when I awaken there is the feeling of ah…today is my birthday!

There is a shimmery quality to the air and within myself as I consciously design each moment.

On my birthday the entire day is about me. My focus is on satisfying my desires.

This is no small feat for a person who has perfected the art of caring for others first and quite well versed at self- criticism. Having a whole day devoted to me is a tonic for my soul and I embrace it wholeheartedly.

I must admit though, it is a shock when I wake up the following morning and it’s life as usual. I am back to battling the critic monster. Fortunately I have many disarming approaches that give me the breathing space to thrive.

One of the things I find easy in the work I do is holding my clients in the light of their potential.

They talk about their challenges and their hopes and although they are often hard on themselves, I see them moving forward without impediment. As we find ways to support their thinking in the direction of self-love, a whole world of wonder opens up and their lives become potent with potential.

Here is a very simple practice to aim you in the direction of self-love. It is my belief that simple steps move you with lightening speed in the direction of transformation. It is much easier to see clearly and commit wholeheartedly to something that is imbued with ease.

Well done!
At the end of the day stand and place your hands on your heart. Take a relaxing breath and recall three things you did well. They can be small or large. Just let your mind slide back over your day until it lights on one thing you did well. It could be “I went for a walk this morning” or “ I buttered my corn on the cob so well” or “I was kind to my son when he needed help”.

Just let the memories of three things you did well, bubble up into your consciousness and recognize them one by one without judgment. This is not a contest to find the most important memory. It is a practice in allowing just a few of the things you did well to come forth.

In between each memory take a breath and let the wellness of each action have a chance to sink in. Then move on to the next. Take one final breath and let your hands fall to your side

This simple practice will support you in viewing yourself in a loving way. It will help YOU open to knowing the sentiment that I received on one of my birthday cards.

It will help you know that, “You are pure potential!”

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