Practice Beauty

When is the last time you bought flowers for yourself? It’s such a simple gesture. And yet it’s a profound act of self-love.

I am spending the week with my mentor here in Asheville, NC. The first thing I did after arriving was to take a walk to the neighborhood health food store to buy fruit and fresh flowers for my hotel room.

I love treating myself to flowers. These yellow tulips are so beautiful. They make me smile every time I look at them.

I’ve created this daily practice to help you cultivate beauty in your life.

I hope you enjoy, ‘Believe In Beauty’!

Beauty has the power to permeate even the most cluttered space. If you BELIEVE IN BEAUTY you can manifest amazing changes in your home and in your life.

Begin by creating an arrangement of something you find beautiful in each room of your home.

Arrange flowers in a vase, light a candle at the dinner table or in the room where you read, frame a favorite photo or place some special stones or shells on your coffee table.

Then BELIEVE IN BEAUTY by tending this arrangement every day.

Water it, dust it, light it or rearrange it. Purposely clearing a space and tending beauty will give your heart a place to rest and will act as a beacon leading you to the change that you are envisioning in your home.

BELIEVING IN BEAUTY teaches you how to care for your home and in time it will teach you how to care for yourself.

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