Let Your Dreams Take Flight

I was out in my garden on a cold autumn day earlier this week. I had just wrapped my young Japanese Maple tree to protect it from the winter winds and I was raking some leaves when I looked up and noticed a milk weed pod bursting with seeds.

It took my breath away! Its silkiness was so inviting. I couldn’t help but touch it and as I did so some of the seeds took flight.

I was so surprised to see a plant in such a state of readiness just as the rest of the natural world was turning toward dormancy.

It embodied pure potential!

Nature always offers important lessons and I wondered to myself what is the ‘teaching’ here?

The words “trust” and “willingness” came to mind.

We are all here on earth to actualize our potential. Our dreams are meant to burst forth.

As humans we have the strange ability to keep them under wraps, sometimes for a lifetime. Over time there is an unnatural comfort in the familiarity of that stifling stance.

And yet the pain of denying our dreams is so destructive.

What if you knew, as the milkweed knows, that growing your dreams is what you are here for? What if you knew that it is a simple and beautiful process?

It’s such an honor to work through this process with my clients. When they clear some of life’s clutter and get quiet their dreams begin to reveal themselves. Then we work together to find very simple steps forward that create the conditions of support. The real delight is when the synchronicity appears as the universe collaborates.

You can do this too. Carve out some quiet in your life to listen to the dreams inside yourself. Willingly take simple steps to create conditions to support them. Trust that the natural laws of the universe will meet you in collaboration. Then your dreams will take flight.

What dream of yours is waiting to burst forth?

Take simple steps.
Accept support.

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