Love Changes

Times of transition are often fraught with emotion. And yet, when you align with love rather than fear, you always find your way forward to new ground that supports you like no other.

I work with my clients to find that new place.

Whether they are experiencing the loss of love, the desire for dreams that have been on hold far too long, the joy of new commitments to love partners, careers or homes, we sit together in focused conversations that illuminate truth, we create ceremonies that nourish and simple practices that nudge them gently forward in their lives.

As a therapist and mentor, it is important that I always do my own work too, so that I can be clear and effective when working with my clients. The wisdom that I share comes through my own lived experience.

Here’s what my personal work looked like last week accompanied by my new spiritual mentor.

I felt the joy of communing with new friends.

I invited in the nourishment of the deep green forest.

I willingly lit my candle of commitment.

I rested in the embrace of a wise old giant.

Find the support you need to step forward in your life.

Make the conscious choice to align with love all along the way.

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