Finding Comfort

This morning I awoke with some heaviness in my heart. I think it must have been my response to a dream. All I can remember is that I was standing near a dark lake in the early morning.

I wasn’t prepared to carry that feeling of melancholy into my day. I needed some comfort so I went to a place where I knew I would find it. I went to my altar.

I sat down and I lit a candle. I took a few deep breaths and almost immediately, I felt a sense of calm. Ahhhh….

A few weeks ago I was in the process of making a decision. I was going back and forth and back and forth to the point of dizziness!

I found my way to my altar, lit a candle and sat there in the quiet breathing deeply until I felt a steadying influence.

I knew clearly what my decision would be.

One of the first tools I share with my clients in my Sacred Life program is the process of creating their own personal altar. It’s so important to know of a place where you can always find comfort.
My clients cultivate a relationship with their altar, and also with themselves and they learn to trust their inner guidance.

Create an altar for yourself. Keep it simple.

All you really need is a candle and a comfortable place to sit. You might choose a cushion on the floor or a chair in a quiet place in your home.

If your intention is to find peace there, and your practice is returning again and again, you will build a relationship with your altar that you can trust.

Over time you can add things that are beautiful or personally meaningful; a richly coloured cloth, a favourite stone, fresh flowers or anything you like.

Sitting with your own altar is like being in the presence of a trusted friend or mentor. It’s a place where you can arrive feeling confused and always find comfort.

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