Here Comes the Sun

This morning, as usual, I was up early for my morning walk. I had my snow pants on. My feet were all snuggled into my warm boots. My hood was pulled up. My face was covered with a scarf.

I had gone through this same routine day after day in the last few weeks but this morning I really didn’t want to go outside.

I’d checked the thermometer and it was, yet again, -28C (-18F).
I said out loud “It’s March 6th and it’s still -28 !”

I decided to bargain with myself. “Just open the door, Jovanna. Go outside and start walking.”

I listened and I grabbed my I phone thinking I’d look for some winter photos to keep my mind off the cold.

The first thing that caught my eye were some pine branches covered in snow at the bottom of a huge tree. When I stood back and looked all the way up to the top, I saw the blue sky.

“Ahhh, the blue sky reminds me of summer!”

The next one I took was of a big bank of snow and in the background the Canadian Flag and the Rainbow Flag.

“That reminds me of my freedom.”

That felt good but I was still trudging along. I hadn’t forgotten the cold.

I passed a woman and her little black dog as I was walking through an alley. I passed her again on the next block and I pulled down my scarf to say, “Let’s agree that this is the last -28 degree morning.” And she said, “Oh it is!”
And I said “I mean THE LAST -28 morning!” And she repeated “Oh, IT IS!”.

I could see it in her eyes. She and I were in complete agreement. We had both reached our winter limit. It happens each year about this time and today was definitely the day.

The next photo I took was a big burst of sun rising up between the houses.

The song, “Here Comes the Sun” started ringing in my ear. Yes, Spring is coming. There is no doubt now.

I felt a sense of peace.

The final photo was of a gentle bank of snow glistening in the sun.

Isn’t winter beautiful!

Listen to “Here Comes the Sun” here.
What has finally started to shift in your life?

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