What Did You Notice?

When I was on my morning walk today, I noticed a man stepping out of his house and walking to his car with his eyes focused down on his cell phone.

My first thought was “how does he do that without tripping?” and my second thought was “I wonder if he is taking in any of this beauty?”

I chose to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, I had no idea what challenges or pleasures were calling from his phone.

I hoped what he was looking at was as refreshing as the cold morning air, as surprising as the crunchy snow underfoot and as sweet as the call of the chick-a-dee.

Take a few moments today as you are “returning from” or “going to” to look around and take in life’s beauty.

Here’s a snow video I made. I hope it inspires you to look!

I’d love to hear what you noticed between your coming and goings. Leave a comment!

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