Your Full Potential

Holding my clients in the light of their greatest potential is easy for me.

Although they are often hard on themselves when they express their challenges, I see them effortlessly moving forward.

Our work together helps them find a healthy perspective toward their lives, a perspective that gives them more breathing room to make choices that create a life they love.

One of the ways we do that is by cultivating self-love.

When you are able to find compassion and love for yourself a whole world of wonderful opens up.

I create rituals that are imbued with ease. They seem so simple but committing to them wholeheartedly moves you powerfully forward.

Here is a very simple practice to nudge you powerfully toward self-love.

Well Done!

At the end of the day stand and place your hands on your heart. Take a relaxing breath and let your mind slide back over your day until it lights on one thing you did well. It can be small or large. Just let the memory of it arise on its own.

It could be something like “I went for a walk this morning and the chill in the air was invigorating” or “ It felt so good to spend some quiet time watering my plants” or “Instead of arguing I took a deep breath and I listened. What a difference that one breath made”.

Let the memories of three things you did well bubble up into your consciousness and recognize them one by one. No need to find the most important. This is a practice in allowing just a few of the things you did well to come forth.

In between each memory take a breath and let the wellness of each action have a chance to expand within you. Breath.

After you have rested on 3 memories of doing well, take one final breath and let your hands gently fall to your side

Cultivating self-love before you fall asleep each night will help you know that “You are pure potential!”

Sweet dreams!

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