You Need Help!

Face it. You need help. We all do. We cannot do everything on our own. I reached out years ago and the effect of that action is still reverberating in my life.

I can’t remember how I found Cindy but I do know that after I found her, I couldn’t imagine life with out someone like her.

When my youngest son was born I lived with my husband (at the time) in a large country home with our four teenagers. We were a “Yours, Mine and Ours” family and our home was most often a mess.

Having spaced my children 15 years apart I was in my late thirties when I had my youngest and the plethora of sleepless nights took it’s toll on me. I could barely get up in the morning let alone keep up with the housecleaning.

My parents (how can I ever thank them?!) sent me the money to hire a housecleaner every other week for a few months. Cindy was a housecleaner by day and an aerobics teacher by night. I’m sure you can imagine the transferable skills an aerobics teacher would bring to housecleaning.

Cindy was a housecleaner extraordinaire. She came bounding in my back door full of cheer with her bucket and gloves ready to make my life shine.

When I wasn’t plopped in a chair breastfeeding I would follow Cindy from room to room delighting in her movements.

She shined and swept, swooshed and swirled my house from top to bottom. I’d find her down on the floor scrubbing the molding or balancing at the top of a ladder clearing dead flies out of the hanging light fixtures (funny I had never noticed those flies).

When she left I felt like I’d been through a vicarious aerobic workout and I was filled with endorphins of happiness.

I always joked with Cindy that she was my therapist.

During the time of sleepless fog, she shined my windows so that I could see clearly again.

Cindy is no longer cleaning my house (last I heard she was living with her lover on a tropical island) but I still reach out for help. I’ve learned that my life depends on it.

Changing the world or changing even one small life depends on learning to rely on the support of others.

You need help. We all do.

Reach out for help so that YOU can see clearly again.

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