Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time when the sun is lowest and furthest south in the sky. It’s also the longest night and once again miraculously, our lives are shifting towards the light.

I feel a deep connection to the natural world during this time of year, and I appreciate the support it gives me in finding a healthy perspective about change.

Observing a sunset reminds you of the rightness of the shift from day to night. There is a sense of awe as the sun drops below the horizon and the sky is painted with colour.

Sunset is one of nature’s daily ceremonies!

Winter Solstice also speaks to us metaphorically about the importance of light and dark in our lives. A candle shines more brightly against the backdrop of pure darkness and so too our lives feel fresh and new when we rebound from sickness or awaken after a time of grief.

Tonight or tomorrow as the darkness descends, turn out the lights and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind. When you are ready, light a candle.

Wait to see what sensations or insights arise in the candle light, perhaps a sense of calm or an unexpected inspiration about what you really want for yourself and your loved ones during the holidays.

Pause for a moment and invite the energy of the Winter Solstice into your home and into your heart.

Make the choice to live a life infused with meaning.

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