Turn Your Gaze Toward Spring

A week ago I heard the black-capped chickadee announce spring with its song “springs-here…springs-here.” I was so excited I opened my back door wide and went outside to listen just to make sure it was true.

At that moment, I could have chosen to hang my head in despair. After all there were still piles of snow 4 feet high in my yard.

But I knew that my well being depended on believing that winter would eventually come to an end and I was committed to turning my gaze toward any sign of spring.

I know very well that it is still winter and I am willing to be with what is; the chill of the wind, the glisten of the snow. I thrive on being present.

Yet in any particular moment, I am aware that I have choice. Choice in where I look, choice in how I respond to what I see and choice in the story I choose to tell.

Each of us has the power to create… a moment, a few hours, a day and a lifetime.

How beautiful is that?!

I believe that caring for this power to create that we have as humans is a responsibility and a privilege.

Are you willing to take it?

Are you willing to do all that you can to move forward in your life?
Are you willing to decide when and how to grieve and celebrate?
Are you willing to take the time to slow down and notice?
Are you willing to light the fire of action?
Are you willing to let go when it’s needed and hang on when it’s not?
Are you willing to decide when to simplify and when to open the door to a complex situation?

Are you willing to create your life?

Here is a practice to support you in creating.

Creating This Moment
Say to your self, “I am creating this moment”. Then simply notice.

Where does your attention turn? How does your body feel? What are you inspired to do next?

Do this several times through out your day.

I’d love to hear what you discover.

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