Summer’s Nourishment

Late last night I returned from a trip to Nova Scotia. We decided to drive straight through on the way home so the day was long and the landscape varied. From early morning fog to mid-day rolling green hills, to an early afternoon cityscape and an evening on winding dark roads, I made the transition from away to home.

This morning I feel as though I’m living in two worlds, the one not quite left behind and the other not fully embraced.

During times of transition whether precipitated by travel or by anticipated or abrupt change, it’s important to give yourself plenty time to adjust by eating nourishing food, maintaining a slow pace, choosing easy activities and expressing kindness toward yourself and those around you.

In this way, you can appreciate with eyes and heart wide open all that you’ve experienced and all that you have.

Today I offer a practice that I love to share at the beginning of summer called “This is Summer!”. This practice and the post I wrote to introduce it a few years ago, will assist you in taking in the nourishment of special moments all summer long.

Water Lily

This week I dived into summer.

It was one of the first hot Ontario days and it was dripping with humidity. When my son suggested that we go to our favourite swimming hole, I stopped what I was doing without hesitation, changed into my swimsuit, grabbed my bottle of water and my towel and jumped into the car with him in the drivers seat.

My spontaneity, the heat, the drive along the country road and our unbridled 1-2-3 dive into the water were all indications that summer had arrived (in the air and within me!).

The water was so refreshing, being in the natural environment so soothing. I felt the knots of tension that I had been carrying release as I floated on my back and took in the view of the wide blue sky.

Do you love summer? I do! It lasts such a short time here in Ontario and yet its memory is nourishing for months afterwards.

I created a practice called “This is Summer!” to help you take in the special moments as they arise throughout the summer. This simple practice is effortless and abundantly satisfying.

This is the practice. Any time you feel a special moment, pause and say out loud, “This is Summer!”. When you are taking in the aroma of a rose, drinking some fresh squeezed lemonade, or dipping your toes into a stream, pause and say “This is Summer!”.

Using this practice will make certain you are nourished by the pleasurable moments of summer.

Take a look at the 3 minute video I made for you about the practice of “This is Summer!”.

Enjoy the moments!

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