Notice the Beauty

This week I’m resting in the embrace of the last few days of summer. I’m trying to slow myself right down because I want to notice every detail.

There is such beauty around us!

“It was so beautiful it took my breath away”. I’m sure you’ve said this before when it seemed that something was so beautiful you couldn’t help but notice it.

But what if it could also go something like this? What if because you truly notice something, it becomes beautiful? That could open a whole world of wonderful.

Try this.

Start with something easy. Look at something you have always considered beautiful such as a flower or the sky or your cat.

Take some time to really look. Let your breath begin to deepen the experience of noticing. Set the clear intention of finding the beauty in the object. Wow!

Taking in beauty while breathing deeply is so nourishing.

Now, try looking at something that you haven’t considered beautiful, something more mundane such as a glass of water or the texture of your curtains or the shadow on the wall.

Take some time to really look. Bring in the intention of finding beauty, add some breath and let yourself be nourished by the beauty that arises.

In this way of noticing, even the most mundane can nourish you with its beauty.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer by making certain that you notice the beauty that’s all around you.

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  1. rebecca
    Posted August 31, 2015 at 11:47 am | Permalink

    I love laying in the grass and looking up at the sky at this time of year as the sky is changing to this very blue with white fluffy clouds. I have enjoyed more things this summer and so I ask myself, Could I say this “This is Fall”?
    And make every season last a little bit longer?
    Thanks Jovanna,

    You are inspiring.

    • Jovanna
      Posted September 1, 2015 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

      Of course, Rebecca, “This is Fall”! Why not carry the practice into any time of year you want to feel more fully.

      I wonder what it would be like if each of us spent more time lying in the grass looking up at the sky?

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