Natures Nourishment

In Southern Ontario, thunder and lightening commonly announce summer rain. Sitting on my front porch is the perfect place to witness it.

As soon as I hear the rumble, I head out to the love seat and before long I’m usually joined by at least one family member. My son has been watching rainstorms with me ever since he was born.

After the rumbling and the light show, the rain arrives. It falls gently at times but often expresses itself with ferocity. When the wind picks up the spray moves sideways but rarely do we come inside. If it’s warm, we don’t mind getting wet.

Have you noticed that when it rains, all your senses come alive. You can get lost in the smell of the air, the sound of the rain pounding on the roof, the sight of the drops splashing high in the street and the refreshing feeling of the moisture in the air.

Being touched by nature is so nourishing.

If you’re feeling sluggish it awakens your senses and brings you back to life. If you’re feeling down, it uplifts you. If you’re feeling scattered being in nature focuses you on the present moment.

There are so many ways to connect with the healing power of nature. Some of them are right outside your front door.

Open your window and invite the breeze to caress your skin.

Stand in the sunlight and feel it’s warmth.

Listen to the birds first thing in the morning and let their song delight you.

Gaze at the moon and find comfort in its presence.

Lie down in your back yard and feel the earth supporting you.

Hang your sheets on the line and then luxuriate in their aroma.

Walk around your neighborhood at night and discover the cover of darkness.

Keep dry under your umbrella and greet the rain with an outstretched hand.

Or sit on your front porch in a rainstorm and enjoy the show!

Nature is always there waiting for your arrival. Next time you are not quite feeling like yourself, go outside and let nature work its magic.

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