Love Altar

Several years ago when my former husband and I separated and divorced, along with the grieving, I also had a deeply held desire for another love relationship.

Although I was in no way ready to go out looking for that special someone, I did want to nurture my desire.

I have a practice that has served me well over the years of creating what I call an “Altar of Intention”. The practice involves setting aside a place in your home to set up an altar as a representation of whatever you desire and faithfully tending that altar as a way of keeping yourself aligned with your desire until it comes to be.

During this time, it was natural for me to turn to creating an ‘Altar of Love’ as a way to nurture my desire.

I kept it very simple. I chose a clean white cloth and placed it on the floor in the corner of my bedroom. I gathered some things that had special meaning for me in regards to relationship and love.

I cut two spiral shapes out of some colourful art paper that I had made by swirling oil pastels. I entwined the shapes together. Then I added two small figures that a friend had sent me, one represented the masculine and one the feminine. Finally, I added two candles and my “Love Altar” was complete.

I tended that altar for several months by lighting the candles, keeping it free of dust and sitting near it and gazing at it, cultivating my connection to the desire in my heart.

I was content believing that although the feeling of my desire was clear I didn’t have to engage in the particulars about the person who would become my beloved and I didn’t have to go out looking.

Six months later I met my guy! Honestly, I wouldn’t have been ready for him a moment sooner!

I actually knew he was “the one” as soon as I laid eyes on him. It took him a little while longer but that is another story.

I often marvel at how he is way beyond anyone I could have ever imagined. That’s always been the case for my desires made manifest with my ‘Altars of Intention’. I’ll tell you my house story in another post.

I often guide my clients in the process of creating an “Altar of Intention” for anything (or anyone!) they desire. You can too!

By faithfully tending your altar, you will focus your energy and move with an unwavering desire toward your dream.

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  1. Posted July 16, 2013 at 3:05 pm | Permalink

    I love the idea of creating and tending a love altar. I did something similar to this many years ago before meeting my now husband. Is there a way to create a mobile altar that can come along with me on all my summer travels?

    • Jovanna
      Posted July 16, 2013 at 4:08 pm | Permalink

      What a lovely idea, Jen. My answer is, yes, of course! Think small and light weight when you choose your cloth and altar items. Then use your cloth to wrap around the items before transporting them in your suitcase. Voilá, you have a mobile love altar.

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