Believe In Beauty

Do you know that you are beautiful beyond belief? It’s true. Each and every one of you is absolutely beautiful. It’s easy to see it in others. We see their kindness, their unique ability and the shine in their eyes. It’s often more difficult to see our own beauty. We are much better at noticing our flaws. But where does that get us… depressed, disappointed and unhappy. Aligning with your beauty is a lifeline to contentment.

What if I told you that believing in your own beauty only takes a slight turn of your head?

Try this. The next time you look in the mirror and notice something less than perfect, look deeper and find something beautiful…your eyes, your smile, the dimples in your cheeks. Finding flaws is simply a habit. For some reason that made sense at the time, you decided your job was to criticize rather than compliment. Starting today, you are no longer going to let yourself indulge in ways that are familiar but negative, you are going to try something new and life affirming. You are going to make it your job to give yourself some good lovin’. You are going to believe in your beauty. Here’s how!

Every time you notice something you don’t like about yourself say this mantra. “I am beautiful so beautiful. I am beautiful through and through!” No matter how far you evolve, you’ll always have some negative self-talk so why not let that negativity become a reminder for positivity. It’s quite magical when you commit to this practice.

In my work through my business Welcome Home, I help women create sacred space in their homes and in their lives. We clear clutter to simplify life and create personal ceremony to celebrate life. Ceremony is a beautiful way to step out of the day-to-day and take conscious actions to usher in a change.

Change takes courage. Imagining a new self is not easy especially if you keep your new vision somewhere way out there on the horizon. You need to place that vision within yourself. Here are three personal ceremonies that will help you live your beauty from the inside out.

The first one is a ‘whisper’ ceremony. Stand up…right now, yes, stand up and say to yourself…“I am standing up for myself. I am beautiful through and through.” Whispered ceremonies take almost no time and yet they can have a profound effect.

Here’s another. Cast a ‘spell’ on yourself with your words and let your inner beauty shine through. Take a deep breath in and say, “My inner beauty shines through my body. My body shines with inner beauty.”

The next personal ceremony takes some time, but you’re worth it!
Write a letter to yourself from a place of compassion and love. Say things like, “You are trying so hard to… You are getting very good at… I am proud of you for…”. Then go to the post office and buy a pretty stamp and put the letter in the mailbox. When you receive it, make a cup of tea, light a candle and sit in a comfy chair. As you read it, really take it in.

You can also make a short video and give yourself a compassionate “talkin’ to”. Mine moves me every time I watch it and always helps me find a more positive perspective.

As my special gift to you I am offering you a peak at my latest practice.

Believe in Beauty

Beauty has the power to permeate even the most cluttered space. If you BELIEVE IN BEAUTY you can manifest amazing changes in your home. Begin by creating an arrangement of something you find beautiful in each room of your home. Arrange flowers in a vase, light a candle at the dinner table or in the room where you read, frame a favorite photo or place some special stones or shells on your coffee table. Then BELIEVE IN BEAUTY by tending this arrangement every day. Water it, dust it, light it or rearrange it. Purposely clearing a space and tending beauty will give your heart a place to rest and will act as a beacon leading you to the change that you are envisioning in your home. BELIEVING IN BEAUTY teaches you how to care for your home and in time it will teach you how to care for yourself.

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