Antidote to Busy

Mixed with the newly fallen snow on my front walk, there is a scattering of multicolored rose petals. Yesterday I took a few moments to ‘petal’ the wilting bouquet of roses and cast them out my door. It’s one of my simple pleasures.

Today, the sight of the unexpected beauty on my snow covered walkway lightens my heart.

One day last summer, exhausted, I plopped myself down on the bench on my back deck and looked up into the sky. A bird soaring high overhead caught my attention, deep breaths started coming easily and my feeling of overwhelm shifted to one of relaxation.

I believe that beauty is an antidote for busy.

Being open to, and purposefully creating moments of visual and emotional beauty have a calming influence on our lives.

Whether you arrange a bouquet of flowers, light a candle at the dinner table or linger a moment as you take in a loved one’s smile, purposefully creating and responding to moments of beauty improves the quality of your life.

In the ‘Reflection’ sessions I have with my clients after we perform their ceremonies, some of the most vivid ‘gems’ are their memories of the moments of beauty. They recall…the sparkling water, the gorgeous flowers, friends’ smiling faces, the women’s gentle voices, the clear sound of the bell, a daughter’s delight, the downpour of rain.

The visual and emotional beauty of a ceremony forever infuses our memory of an important time of change with a quality that feels life affirming.

When I recall a personal ceremony of mine that involved letting go of love by burning love letters, I remember the beauty of the fire and it’s power to transform rather than anything that resembles loss.

Whether you are moving through separation, honouring the life of a loved one who has passed away, or celebrating the purchase of your new home, purposefully including beauty adds to the potency of moving through a transition with grace.

That is why yesterday in the spirit of creating beauty, instead of composting my wilting bouquet of roses, I scatter them out my front door creating an unexpected delight for myself and for anyone who walks by my house.

I am laughing now, because just a moment ago I heard my son come back inside the front door after having just said, goodbye. He poked his head in my studio here where I am writing and said, “by the way, I really like the rose petals on our front walk way”!

Why not create some beauty as an antidote to your busy day.

Put on some gorgeous music.

Pick up a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store.

Place a candle in the middle of your dinner table.

Shine your bathroom mirror and look directly into your eyes.

Infuse your busy life with life affirming beauty.

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