This Will Change Your Life

Today, I want to offer you a practice that will help you receive nourishment.

But first, I would like to ask you a few questions.

Are you feeling depleted from all the energy you are expending? Do you sometimes feel out of breath trying to accomplish your never-ending To Do list? Are you overwhelmed with a magnitude of choices, so much so that you are suffering from indecision? Do you want things to change but you feel discouraged because your life doesn’t feel as though it’s in your hands?

I have a feeling that you said “yes!” to at least one of my questions.

Most of us lead lives of “quiet desperation” as Henry David Thoreau wrote. When someone asks us “How are you doing?” the first word out of our mouth is often “busy”. We want to change but we don’t know where to begin.

What if I told you not to change a thing? What if I told you that your life is already perfect?

What if I told you that your everyday life is like a deep, fresh well and it is just waiting for you to receive its nourishment?

OK, now I have to admit that there is a small change you have to make. But it’s so small and it will take no effort at all.

Here is the key.

You have to stop, but only for a second and you have to breath, but just one breath out and one breath in.

I guarantee that in doing so you will receive all of the nourishment you need to thrive.

After I share the details of the practice with you, you will feel the loving support of your life as it is right now. You will benefit by feeling clearheaded and more capable of making decisions. You will feel more appreciative and connected to those around you. You will feel more energetic and willing to find the way to actualize your dreams.

I know this is a pretty tall order but try to suspend disbelief. Engage the qualities of curiosity and willingness and you will not be disappointed.

Here is the practice. Pause. Breath out. Breath in. Receive.

Let’s practice breathing. First, take a normal breath in and then a long breath out followed by a long breath in. Try it again emphasizing a long breath out and then a long breath in.

Breath out and empty, breath in and fill.

Breath out and empty, breath in and receive.

Use your breath to draw in the energy of receiving and let yourself feel nourished.

There are so many opportunities in our everyday lives to use this practice to receive nourishment. Here are a few.

Listen closely to someone’s words. Breathe and receive kindness.

Linger in a bath. Breathe and receive warmth.

Enjoy a piece of chocolate. Breathe and receive deliciousness.

Gaze at a flower. Breathe and receive beauty.

Pay for your groceries and before you pick up the bag take a moment to breathe and receive the bounty.

Take a bite of your dinner. Breathe and receive savory goodness.

Sit in a quiet room. Breathe and receive peace.

Hug a friend. Breathe and receive love.

This simple practice is enough. I offer it to you so that you can change your overwhelm to a deep feeling of well-being.

At any moment of any hour of any day receiving nourishment can be yours.

Simply pause, breath and receive.

Please share some of your nourishing moments in the comments so that all of us will benefit!

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