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Marriage is Madness

I love writing the love story for the couples I marry! Their individual answers to the many questions I ask them reveal an honest story about how they came together, what they love about one another and why they chose to marry. When I read their love story during the ceremony, all who are gathered […]

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Season of Change

Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox. It occurred the moment the Sun crossed the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from north to south. On any other day of the year, the Earth’s axis tilts a little away from or towards the Sun. But on the equinox, the […]

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Light Up Your Life

I light a candle each time I begin a session with a client whether we meet in person or on the phone or via skype. I like to use beeswax tea lights that I purchase at our local market from the people who raise the bees for honey. They smell so good. The ritual of […]

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Guidance is Around You

Sometimes you can get so caught up in your mind’s negative chatter that it becomes your truth. But the moment you look up from your discomfort, Love touches your heart with the happiness growing in the faces of sunflowers. Let yourself be guided. You can get stuck in the rut of familiarity. But when you […]

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Endings and Beginnings

I love summer more than any other season. I love the beauty of the flowers, the aroma, the moisture in the air, the freedom of movement, the stars, swimming, fireflies, fresh fruit, bare feet, bare shoulders, swimming, canoeing, camping, morning walks, swimming, lemonade, eating every meal outside, wading in the creek, and on and on. […]

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