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Tomorrow morning I’m leaving on a road trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are driving for 2 days to join my partner’s family for a memorial service after the sudden death of a beloved nephew. It will be a happy/sad gathering. There’s a lot of that in life…happy/sad. Reading Kahlil Gibran as a young adult […]

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Summer Solstice

The weather here in southern Ontario has been hinting at what’s to come. Many days my windows are wide open and a sweater has become only an occasional necessity. Summer is almost upon us. The longest day, summer solstice is on Monday. Oh, how I have longed for summer and the feeling of “ahhhhhhh” that […]

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Finding Your Ground

Last week my siblings and I all met up in Iowa for a visit with my 92 year old mom. I had a few hours to wait at the airport for my sister to arrive so rather than stay in the terminal I went outside to search for a little bit of nature to commune […]

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Quiet Time

There are times not to answer the door, not to answer the phone, not to do all the things that are undone, but rather to find a place to rest in the silence. You might find that place of silence on a cushion on the floor in front of a candle or in your favourite […]

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