Manifesto of the Heart

This summer I turned 60!

I’ve been making my way to this very special birthday for a while now.

It began three years ago when a young woman offered me her chair.

I arrived late to a workshop and when she stood up and whispered, “take my chair, after all, I’m young”, I realized that she recognized me as her elder.

Graciously accepting her offer of a chair was like stepping over a threshold in recognition of who I had become.

From that day on, I made it a practice to find out what had happened (with out even knowing it) to make me an elder.

Of course, I can’t deny the obvious. I have physically aged, although I continue to look younger than my years, thanks to my mother’s genes.

As I looked back on my life, I realized that I’ve been a mother for more than 30 years. I have had a hand in raising two children of my own and 3 stepchildren. I never considered myself a perfect parent (who does?) but I know that I did a good job because I feel loved and respected by each and every one of my kids.

I played a significant role in ushering my family through transitions. There was a “Coming of Age” ceremony I created for my youngest son, “Blessing of the Bride” ceremonies for two of my daughters-in-law, gatherings of women to celebrate pregnancies, ceremonies to welcome babies and the steadying guidance I offered during times of divorce.

I used the wisdom that I gained with my family to extend a hand to my clients. It was quite a surprise when I realized that I’ve led hundreds of people through important transitions with ceremonies for healing and celebration.

I am doing the work of an elder!

I also noticed that I had become much more compassionate toward myself. I felt truly liberated when I realized that all of my shortcomings were paired with an abundance of awesome qualities and it was that pairing of awful and wonderful that made up me…beautifully multifaceted me!

I have the attitude of an elder!

As my 60th birthday drew near, my quest brought rich realizations that were cause for a celebration.

This summer I had a ceremony for myself that took place on the warm sand of an Oregon beach. I was on retreat with 6 women and my spiritual mentor and I invited them to be my witnesses.

I called my ceremony a “Manifesto of the Heart”. I made three proclamations acknowledging my abilities and stating clearly who I am. Between each of my proclamations, I secured my trust in the truth of my words by walking 50 steps toward the ocean with my eyes closed, all the while being followed by my loving witnesses.

I spoke my words loud and clear, I took my steps with assuredness, and when we reached the ocean I invited a shower of salt water in celebration.

I am living my wisdom years!

The underlying tone of my life is one of giving back, serving others, living honestly and becoming my true self more thoroughly.

Turning 60 could have been a burden but instead it became a quest that led me to a wild and beautiful celebration. I will always remember my ceremony by the sea where I openly embraced who I have become.

I hope that the telling of my story will inspire you to shape yours. Who are you are becoming? What and who have supported you along the way? How will you acknowledge your change?

What are you waiting for?!

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