Finding the Flow

I awoke early this morning and went for a walk on my favourite path by the creek. As I left the road, I entered a tall stand of trees and I took in a deep breath of fresh air. I realized that this happens every time I pass this particular place in the path. My body aligns with the calm here in the green trees and automatically lets go. I relax.

I continued along the path as it twisted and turned noticing the sensation of walking on rock, roots and soft earth. At one place the trail rises and comes along side a rocky place in the stream. The sound of the moving water increased here. There was real command in the volume of the moving water and again my body took notice.

After pausing I moved on toward “my spot” along the creek. Here I sat down for a few minutes of quiet reflection. A supportive root was my seat and another one parallel to it stretched out across the water was just right for my feet. Sometimes I close my eyes, but today I let the sight of the moving water carry me into presence.

My teaching came easily today. It came from the water. I watched it move along the creek bed as it flowed on its journey downstream altered by whatever it encountered…sticks, rocks, sand. It ripples or turns, bubbles up or shoots around and yet it continued flowing down the stream. As I sat there this morning I aligned with this quality of flow. I wanted to learn all I could in the few moments I had with the water.

I became aware of the obstacles in my life that seem to stop me in my tracks. The stopping causes a discomfort at times that is almost unbearable.

Today water helped me find a new perspective toward the obstacles in my life so that I can move gently past, around, over, and sometimes through what seems to be blocking my way.

After my meditation, I stood up and moved back along the path in the direction I came. As I passed by the rocky place with the fast moving water, I noticed it with a new regard. Upstream the water was smooth and free flowing and below after a free fall it was wild with energy.

The obstacles in our lives always influence us whether dramatically or in gently textured ways. Yet if we take on the fluid quality of water we can move through them in a way that is life affirming and more true to our nature (being mostly water ourselves).

What are the obstacles in your life? Align with the qualities of water as you take a walk by a stream, immerse yourself in a warm bath or simply drink a big glass of water. Listen to water and let it bring more fluidity to your life.

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