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Summer Solstice

The weather here in southern Ontario has been hinting at what’s to come. Many days my windows are wide open and a sweater has become only an occasional necessity. Summer is almost upon us. The longest day, summer solstice is on Monday. Oh, how I have longed for summer and the feeling of “ahhhhhhh” that […]

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Get Outside!

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to be invited to host a nature ceremony in collaboration with Rodney Fuentes who is holding a “Get Outside-30 Day Challenge”. I gladly signed up for the challenge. Here are a few photos from my excursions into the natural world in the past few days. I’ve been dreaming […]

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Life is Funny

Life as a human is one of contrasts, happy and sad, open and closed, hopeful and burdened. We’ve all felt the satisfaction of thirst quenched, the appreciation of the light after a time of darkness, the welcomed warmth after feeling chilled. Have you ever considered that the beauty of our human experience is because of […]

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Start Again

Don’t you love it when something you’re not even expecting arrives just in time? That was my experience earlier this week when a poem showed up in my inbox. As soon as I read it, I took in a deep relaxing breath and miraculously what had been a sense of “what’s going on here” shifted […]

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Your Own Altar

When I wake up in the morning with heaviness in my heart, whether it’s from a dream or a situation in my life that burdens me, I look for something to comfort me. I’m not prepared to carry a gloomy feeling into my day so I go to my altar. I sit down and I […]

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Love’s Invitations

A few mornings a week I awake early and travel through the darkness to the hot yoga studio. It’s relatively easy for me to commit to this practice. When my alarm goes off I just picture the warm studio and me in the first posture which is one of resting on my back. I love […]

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Manifesto of the Heart

This summer I turned 60! I’ve been making my way to this very special birthday for a while now. It began three years ago when a young woman offered me her chair. I arrived late to a workshop and when she stood up and whispered, “take my chair, after all, I’m young”, I realized that […]

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Invite the Cold to Warm You

One morning this week I awoke to frost on my window. I imagined it must be bitterly cold outside and my attention turned toward the hot cup of tea I was holding in my hands. We live in a world of contrasts. • Messy and clean • Dark and light • Happy and sad • […]

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A Fresh Look at a New Year

I went for a New Year’s walk first thing this morning. I got on my coat, boots, hat and mittens and headed out the door with the intention to see things with fresh eyes. After all, this was the first morning of the first day of a new year. Tiny snowflakes were gently falling and […]

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My wish for you… May you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your life. (Irish Blessing) with love, Jovanna

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