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Make it Happen!

It breaks my heart when someone tells me that they had hoped to acknowledge an important transition but somehow the time came and went and nothing happened. It could be a special birthday, an important accomplishment, recovery from illness or even a heartfelt thank you. Next time you hear that voice inside your head that […]

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A Thousand Words

It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Today, I want to share the experience of a thousand words with you through this video that was created from the community ceremony I performed last week. Let the watching of this 4-minute ceremony awaken your senses. Listen to the words of the poem […]

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Perfect Antidote

Yesterday I took a few moments to ‘petal’ a wilted bouquet of roses and then I cast them out my front door. Watching the petals flutter through the air is one of my simple pleasures. Last summer, exhausted after a long day, I plopped myself down on the bench on my back deck and looked […]

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Back from the Brink

In times of great need, I’ve always relied on ceremonies that I’ve created for myself to bring me back from the brink. But 2 years ago after my sweetheart moved 9 hours away from home, I was beyond distressed. Fortunately, my 18 year old son Gabe came to my rescue. I was supportive of my […]

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Ceremony is You

When I was a child I was equally as restricted as I was excited by the ceremonies I attended. As a young teen, I was confirmed at my church and the pleasure of wearing a new dress was counterbalanced by having to sit still, stand up straight and memorize something that had no meaning to […]

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The Power of a Poem

Often a client will choose to include a poem in the ceremony they create especially if they’ve invited friends or family to take part. Reading a poem aloud draws a group of people together into a shared experience. The brevity of a poem invites you to slow down and listen. There is importance in each […]

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Begin Again With Compassion

Morning Moksha yoga class is like a moving meditation. The words spoken serve to deepen the understanding of the poses but they also translate beautifully into a wise approach to everyday life. Here is the essence of my teacher’s words. “Do not worry when you fall out of a pose. Do not chastise yourself or […]

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A Week of Transformation

This week I welcomed my sweetheart back home after his year and a half of working and living away. I’d traveled to Massachusetts to spend a week helping him pack and during that time we’d made a plan to change our house around from top to bottom repurposing most of the rooms. I would move […]

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Is it Time?

So often I talk with people who wish they had acknowledged an important transition. They or someone they were close to had a special birthday or a graduation or started a new job or moved into a new home but they didn’t do anything to celebrate. Such regret! They were too busy or didn’t know […]

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Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time when the sun is lowest and furthest south in the sky. It’s also the longest night and once again miraculously, our lives are shifting towards the light. I feel a deep connection to the natural world during this time of year, and […]

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