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 Personalized Wedding Ceremony



Are you getting married?  

As a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, I collaborate with you to create a ceremony that reflects you as a couple from start to finish.  

I listen deeply and offer considered questions to help you become clear about who you are as a couple, what you believe in and what you desire for your wedding day.  I illuminate your own unique love story and listen to your take on love and then I pepper or proclaim it in your ceremony though words, music and rituals.  

I support you in a way that ushers you through the threshold of change and leaves you with nourishing memories that last a life time.


Let's talk!  I offer an obligation free first meeting so that we can get to know one another and see if we're are a good fit. 


Send me an email at and we'll find a time to meet.  





Clarity Session 


Do you have a desire to make a change in your life?

Are you overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin?

Do you try to make changes but continually find yourself back where you started?

A Clarity Session is a beautiful way to begin our work together. 

In your ‘Clarity Session’ you will experience the power of ceremony and simple practices as tools for transformation.

We will:

    Have a conversation about your challenges and hopes

    Secure a clear vision to inspire your next steps

    Welcome the inspirations that arise (and they will!)

   Create a practice to support your change  


Focused and powerful. Simple and magical.  I'd love to tell you more about Clarity Sessions. Send me an email at . 

Ceremony Consultation


Are you in a place you’ve never been before and you know that it is fueling a big change? Creating a ceremony is a beautiful way to move through transition with grace in a way that is absolutely authentic to you.  In the process you find clarity and comfort.  You will move out of a holding pattern and arrive in a new place that feels natural.

In my Ceremony Consultations we work together through a special process including:

Creation - We will work together to distill a crystal clear intention that will be at the heart of your ceremony.  Then we will find words, actions, music, symbols etc to illuminate your intention by creating a ceremony tailor made for you.

Preparation - A few days before your ceremony we will go over every single detail of your ceremony so that you feel settled and ready through and through.  

Expression - All of the preparations are complete. This is your time to experience the magical moments of your ceremony.  

Reflection – A week after your ceremony we will have a guided conversation so that you can draw forth the gems of your ceremony  and integrate the richness of your experience into your everyday life.  


Everyone has a ceremony with in them that is waiting to be performed. Send me an email at and I'll share more details about my Ceremony Consultations. 




Sacred Life Private Mentoring Program

 Each year I open up this 6-9 month program to a select number of clients.

This program is for people who are ready for change.

We work together one-on-one in person or via the magical connection of Skype.  

You will experience:

    Practices that move you profoundly forward in your life. 

    Custom created steps just for you.

    A new way of reflecting on your life that serves to propel you forward.

    Simple strategies that are actually fueled by the contrast of your busy life.

    Personal rituals for healing and celebration. 

    Inspiring ways to tune into your inner wisdom for guidance.

    A monthly toolkit to keep you on the right track.


Send me an email at if you know in your heart that this is your time to blossom. I will send you more information about my Sacred Life Private Mentoring Program.  


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