A Ceremony of ‘Wonderful!’

In September one of my clients actualized a dream. She had been selected to be an artist on an Autumn Studio Tour and she had prepared herself and her space beautifully for the experience.

During our session a few weeks later I asked her to recount her experience. She offered a very balanced perspective about what had gone well and what could have gone better.

As she spoke I noticed her energy lagging. Her recollection of a very significant event was beginning to fall flat.

Most of us are masters at identifying what could have been better. And even though she was good at noticing a balance, I wanted to offer her the opportunity to tip that balance toward something more life affirming.

We stopped everything to make way for a spontaneous ceremony of ‘Wonderful!”

A candle was lit and we held some sweet grass to the flame. We took a few deep breaths and as a sweet aroma swirled through the air a feeling of sacredness settled into the space. I asked my client to close her eyes and turn her gaze toward a place inside herself that could recall only what was wonderful about her experience.

As she quietly spoke, one by one the gems were revealed. Her satisfactory experience shifted to one that shone with contentment and deep appreciation.

The energy in the room began to sparkle with a feeling of celebration.

Each of us has a place within us that knows how to turn our ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

Find the support and inspiration to take the steps to tip the scales toward wonderful and your life will open to its potential.

Let’s change the world together, one ‘Wonderful!’ ceremony at a time.

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