When life gets intense…

I spent last week visiting my mom in Iowa as she celebrated her 93rd birthday. Although she is (finally) beginning to slow down, her mind is crystal clear and my siblings and I felt fortunate to have some time together with her.

My brother flew in from the east coast, my sister flew in from the west coast and I flew in from Ontario. We usually see each other only once a year and it was intense at times staying in small quarters for the week.

Thankfully when I was in need, ever present nature nourished me with inspiration and the support of steady ground.

On the way to Iowa, I looked out the plane window and wondered what jewels I would encounter during my family visit.


When my sister and I went outside the airport to find some grass to lie down on while we awaited our brother’s arrival, we looked up to see a monarch flitting and fluttering reminding us of life’s magic.


Dinner had to wait one evening when the western sky was ablaze with colour.


Morning walks illuminated the beauty of change.


This giant catalpa tree grounded me.


And these puffy clouds lifted me up.

When life gets intense, look to nature to remind you that all is well.

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