What I’ve Learned From Linden

I’ve been spending this week with my 18-month old grandson while his mom is away on a trip. It’s their first time apart!

In the days leading up to his visit, I was reading a chapter on parenting in Brene Brown’s book, “Daring Greatly”. I identify with being what Brene calls an “engaged, imperfect (grand)parent”.

This week I am doing my best to stay present to my grandson’s needs and open to the wonder of experiencing each moment with him.

My life has been simplified to eating, playing, cleaning up and trying to get some sleep. I wish I could say that I’ve been successful in the sleep department!

I have read this stack of books over and over again. Each time, I try to find something new, whether it’s in the illustration or the text or what I suggest Linden try poking through the holes in the front covers.

I think the reason Linden keeps handing me books is partly because he likes hearing the story but mostly because he likes having my undivided attention.

Brene Brown says, “Wholehearted parenting is not having it all figured out and passing it down—it’s learning and exploring together. And trust me there are times when my children are way ahead of me on the journey either waiting for me or reaching back to pull me along.”

Here are a few of the things Linden’s been teaching me this week.

I make my life way to complex. All it really takes to cheer you up is some warm water and a rubber ducky.

Laundry can seem like an overwhelming task but really doing the laundry doesn’t require much doing.

My head most often looks straight ahead, to the right, to the left or down but when I remember to do it, looking up is awesome.

You know those things, like bubbles, that get stashed away in your junk drawer? When finally rediscovered, they can provide hours of delight!

I agree with Brene when she says, “ Like many of you, parenting is by far my boldest and most daring adventure.”

What have you learned lately, from one of the young people in your life?

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  1. deb
    Posted January 17, 2014 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    This might be my favourite post yet. Yummmmmm! I’ve been thinking about you all week. x0x

    • Jovanna
      Posted January 17, 2014 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

      Thank you, Deb. I’m sure you can relate because of the sweet young one in your life!

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