Walking into Spring

Early spring is a beautiful time to take a wisdom walk. A walk where you let your mind rest and open all of your senses to the natural world.

Begin by setting a clear intention to witness spring and receive all of the pleasure of its beauty and any wisdom it has to offer.

Choose a place to take your walk. It could begin on the sidewalk right outside your front door or on a trail in the woods or along the shore of a nearby lake or stream.

As you set off on your journey, clear your mind by noticing everything around you. Let your senses come alive and enjoy the heightened sensations. Clear your heart by breathing into it encouraging it gently open to receive.

Be present to all that is.

As you take in the experience of your ‘Spring Wisdom Walk’ notice what you are drawn to and allow any insights to arise.

You might notice a ray of light coming through some branches and experience renewed hope about a challenging situation. Or you might notice the gentle wind reminding you of the opportunity for a cleansing new beginning.

Bend down and smell the new blossoms, reach out and touch the new leaves, taste the raindrops that are resting on the leaves and listen to the birdsong.

Look for signs of love and inspiration that seem to be there just for you.


When the time seems right and you’ve come to the end of your walk offer gratitude for all that you have received.

Enjoy the healing elixir of your ‘Spring Wisdom Walk’.

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