Spring Equinox Inspiration

As I write this post in the early morning of the Spring Equinox, the light of a small candle accompanies me. I want to feel centered and focused as I write and I want my words to be infused with the energy of balance. I remember a few years ago when I sat on my back deck at the exact moment of the Spring Equinox. I was hoping that if I became very quiet I would experience something really special as the earth moved through the point that marked equal portions of day and night. I sat and waited in anticipation. I breathed gently in and out. I looked at my watch to be certain I noticed when the moment arrived and when it finally did, nothing happened. I felt nothing out of the ordinary, just a moment of keen awareness, a moment of calm, a moment without distraction, a moment of…balance.

There is really nothing momentous about balance and yet we desire it like an illusive lover. We say things like “there’s not enough balance in my life”. “I want more balance”. “If only there was some balance”. It seems to be the missing piece to our life’s puzzle (the missing peace…). And yet just like I discovered in that moment waiting for the Spring Equinox, balance is within us always. In fact it is right there just waiting for us to notice it.

In my work with women clearing clutter to simplify life and creating personal ceremony to celebrate life we pay special attention to the moments of balance. Our homes are so revealing and they are very good at showing us both balance and imbalance. Most of us have way too much stuff. If it’s not out in the open staring us in the face, we find it hidden in our closets and drawers. Or we hear it yelling out to us when we venture down into our basement or into our garage. And what is it saying? I think the clutter in our homes is inviting us to go to those out of the way places so that we can transform our lives. As the women I work with let go of their clutter in a loving way they discover a sense of balance is awaiting them.

Doing your household chores is a very easy way to notice balance. Notice it when you make your my bed every morning, when you’re done doing the dishes and you rinse out the sink, when you fold your towels and place them neatly in the cupboard and even when you fill your bird feeder. Notice balance outside yourself in what you do and see and then feel it inside yourself as a sense of calm and well being.

What’s wonderful is that by noticing balance we draw it to us. It doesn’t take rearranging or eliminating or prioritizing. If you consciously notice moments of balance you will find balance beginning to permeate your life seemingly without effort.

As I blow out the candle that’s been accompanying me this morning, I thank it for lighting my way. In this moment of gratitude the sense of balance I feel is so delicious. As you read this last sentence take a breath in and a breath out and feel the balance that resides inside you right now.

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