Have you seen any signs of spring? I had my moment this morning.

When I was on my walk I heard a male cardinal calling out loud and clear from very top of a tall tree. He was singing with such vigor. I stopped for a few moments to take it in.

Yeah, spring is here!

I didn’t have my camera but I found a Youtube that someone else must have taken of “my” cardinal. Enjoy!

Creating a moment of celebration to mark the changing of the seasons will make a difference in your life.

How will you celebrate the coming of spring?

A walk in the woods looking for signs of spring?
A candle light bath to wash away winter?
A session with your journal with the topic of letting go and welcoming in?
A trip to your favourite florist for a bouquet of spring blooms?

Today is the spring equinox and our side of the earth is shifting toward the light.

Take a moment right now to honour this amazing earth of ours. Breath in and out with gratitude for the great blue green ball of life that we are all a part of.

Happy Equinox! Happy Spring!

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