Slow Down and Look Around

Spring is here. The weather has warmed up, the rain is falling and the grass has started growing.

I heard my first lawn mower today followed by another in the distance competing for attention. I admit that ‘embracing what is’ is a challenge for me when it comes to power mowers. They are so loud! I remember the push mower my family had when I was a child. I loved the quiet whir of the blades.

I inherited a push mower with dull blades when I bought my house. I’ve made several calls and so far no one in our town seems to be able to sharpen it but I use it anyway. I have a small yard with lots of perennials so it doesn’t take long to cut.

It’s pretty shaggy when I’m finished so I spend some time trimming it with my hand clippers.

I sometimes feel odd out there in front of my house with my clippers, giving my lawn a haircut but I would miss out on so much if I did it any other way.

I would miss out on talking to the little girl who lives across the street, saying hello to people and their dogs as they walk by, experiencing the variation of warmth and cool as the clouds move across the sky, discovering tiny insects that make their home in my yard, listening to the buzz of the bumblebees sipping nectar from the flowers, watching the birds light in my maple tree, inhaling the aroma of freshly cut grass, feeling the cool earth beneath me, discovering the distinct texture of the bark around each tree and so much more.

I wonder why we value doing things so quickly and often so loudly? I’m thinking about weed wackers and leaf blowers. I’m not trying to make you feel guilty for using power tools on your lawn. Big lawns can take hours to mow and mowing gives you lots of exercise. And there’s nothing like the experience of seeing the before and after.

But we’ve grown accustomed to this fast and loud pace and often don’t even stop to consider the alternative.

I’m wondering if there’s something that you normally accomplish the fast way that you would be willing to try experiencing the slow way?

Instead of the using the clothes dryer try hanging your clothes to dry. Instead of using the dishwasher try washing your dishes by hand. Instead of sending an email try writing a letter. Instead of taking the 4-lane highway, try driving the back roads.

Who decided faster was better? Maybe that’s not always true.

I’d love to hear what you slowed down and noticed. Leave a comment!

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