Sacrifice for Love

Spending the day with my 2 ½ year old grandson earlier this week was such a joy. I knew we were going to be together all day Monday and I planned ahead and excitedly suspended my usual preoccupations.

We went to the park, sat by the lake, ate oranges and animal cookies, walked all around the neighbourhood and read lots of books.

All day Monday, I was devoted to “Linden time” and at the end of the day I felt such satisfaction.

On Tuesday my approach was slightly different. I got a text early in the morning asking if I could be with Linden again. He had developed a fever during the night and couldn’t go to daycare.

I was hesitant. Being with a sick child was not my first choice. I’d have to cancel an appointment, skip my yoga class and postpone my writing.

But I knew that I was needed and it didn’t take long to say, “Yes, of course!”

We sat on the couch and read book after book. Linden snuggled in close and fell asleep in my arms. Throughout the day he put his hand on his tummy and said, “I sick”.

I wondered if I too, would be getting sick.

During the day I thought about how we as women, sacrifice ourselves for our loved ones. At times we give up our own interests and even our own health. It’s what women do and it becomes a way of life.

Later as I was sitting beside Linden, his warm body next to mine, and his trusting eyes looking into mine, I had an expanded view of our sacrifice.

I realized that we are really doing is offering ourselves up to love. What could be more important?

It’s a powerful practice especially when your first impulse is hesitancy. It’s the work of a lifetime and it comes in many forms.

Staying home with a sick child.

Listening when you would rather talk.

Giving when you want to take.

Stopping when you would rather walk by.

Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day!

PS I did end up getting sick…

What have you sacrificed for love today?

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