Revived by Nature

This morning I arose early after a sleepless night to take my dog, Daisy for a walk. I’m a morning person so it wasn’t hard to get out of bed and I’m devoted to our early morning meanderings so I was in fairly good spirits. But it didn’t take me long to notice how deeply tired I was and I started worrying about what kind of a day would follow.

As soon as I stepped outside, I felt the moisture in the air. I tipped my face upward to catch the little dots of water on my skin. I was relieved as I noticed the cold droplets starting to revive me. They helped me to open to the possibility that even though I was tired, today could be a good day.

As we set off on our walk, my dog had her nose to the ground sniffing. She doesn’t usually pay much attention to me because the smells are so alluring. But this morning out of the blue she turned her head up and looked me right in the eyes and started wagging her tail. I was uplifted by this sweet exchange.

When we got back home, I threw the ball for her in the back yard and afterwards I was surprised by an impulse to lie down on the ground. Why not?! I could feel the cold wet snow begin to soak through but I didn’t get up, the coolness was enlivening.

I lingered there on the ground looking up, mesmerized by the frozen crystals falling down through the branches of the tree. I felt so nurtured by nature.

This morning I was in need. I felt like a child who had a fever and nature was like my mother offering a cool cloth to my forehead. When I came inside I was revived and happy from a gentle start to my day.

Nature is always there for us. Have you noticed?

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