Reflecting Forward

Every year around the New Year I take some time to reflect on the year that has passed to find the gems. Viewing your life from a positive perspective will give you a boost of energy to move forward with compassion for yourself and enthusiasm for the life you are creating.

This year I answered a few questions from Ana Neff’s post ’12 Essential Questions to Review Your Year

The first question was, “What are you especially proud of from the past year?”

As I opened my journal and started writing I recalled the many workshops I led, ‘Inviting in Love’, ‘Inviting in Balance’, ‘Inviting in Clarity’ and ‘A Celebration of Summer’. I loved creating these workshops and treating the participants to beautiful ceremonies tantalizing their senses and inspiring them to take simple practices home to enhance their lives.

There was such a richness of sharing between the participants of those workshops and lots and lots of rose petals.

I continued writing about the many Ceremony Consultations with so many brave people (you know who you are!) who stepped forward to usher themselves and their families through important transitions in a way that was deeply meaningful.

I feel so proud that I assisted people in letting go, asking for help, celebrating important birthdays, stepping into authentic work and self forgiveness.

Taking part in these ceremonies has left me with amazing images of streams flowing, big trees, gentle rain, bountiful bouquets, smiling faces, falling tears, kindness and bravery.

I am so proud of myself for offering a clear process for imagining meaningful ceremonies to life.

I looked back at the powerful experiences of the clients that worked for a season to invite change into their lives and a few who were ready for just a taste by committing to a ‘Clarity Session’.

By looking back over my year of work from the perspective of being proud, I was able to wrap my memory in a cloak of wonderful and I was infused with a deep sense of worthiness. It was a powerfully beautiful experience.

My next question was, “Who helped me achieve that?”. That’s when the tears started to flow as I recounted one by one the people in my life who have supported and inspired me to step forward more and more into ‘Pure Jovanna’. The process of remembering brought deep appreciation for the people in my life.

My reflection back over 2012 has created a strong foundation and now I have a renewed commitment to my work with a vision for the future that is bright and shiny!

It’s often way to easy to look back and be burdened by insufficiency. Reflecting on the gems ensures a healthy perspective to the past and infuses you with self- love. What could be finer than that?

It’s not too late to take the time to reflect back on 2012. Find a quiet place. Light a candle. Take out your journal. Answer these two questions. “What are you especially proud of from the past year?” and “Who helped me achieve that?”

Then, enjoy the love!

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