Practice with Dandelions

This week I ordered new cheques with butterflies and the saying, “Let nature be your teacher.”

I have always looked to nature for inspiration. It offers clear lessons that ease my way through life.

I’ve learned how to let go of resistance and live in the flow from paying attention to the patterns of a stream. I’ve learned about wisdom and unconditional love from being in the presence of old growth trees.

Today when I looked out the window I noticed some bright yellow dandelions and I had a feeling I was about to learn something from them.

I loved dandelions as a child. We would pick them and say, “I’m going to see if you like butter”. Then we’d hold them up to one another’s chins to see if there was a yellow reflection and if so, we would magically know that the answer was “yes!”

Dandelions come up unbidden every spring. Some people spray toxic chemicals to stop them from intruding on their carpet of grass.

When I lived out in the country we had a nice crop of the yellow beauties that were out of control.

My father-in-law (who was from Italy) would come and harvest the greens first thing in the spring. He considered them a tonic. I always found them bitter.

There was a brief flurry of excitement about our dandelions the year we hosted two Thai exchange students and they witnessed with wonder as our yard transformed from green to glowing yellow. We have many photos of us together surrounded by the “blooms”.

We weren’t so happy when those same dandelions went to seed. No matter how many times we mowed our yard, their headless stems would stand up proudly above the grass. I spent hours dwelling on my inability to control those weeds.

How do you feel about dandelions? Do you embrace them or battle them?

I often work with my clients to find ways to choose a new perspective toward any thing that is causing them angst. By shifting perspective ever so slightly, what seems to be your enemy becomes your ally. You relax as you begin to see the merit in ‘what is’.

A good question to ask your self in any given situation is “What is there here for me to learn?”

One of my clients in my Sacred Life program recently received news that previously would have been shocking and most likely would have caused a downward spiral. She was surprised at how effortlessly she chose a new perspective and in doing so she discovered a reservoir of inner strength.

Another client called for assistance in moving through the pain of loss of love. As we worked together to create and perform a ceremony she found strength in choosing to place her focus on her loving bond with her women friends.

No matter what you’ve been taught about dandelions, you have to admit their yellow glow is stunning.

I think the dandelions are calling us to work with what is. When we find peace with what is we can make conscious choices about our next steps forward.

Here is a very simple ritual to remind you to embrace what is.

Go outside and pick dandelions one by one (or choose another “weed”). As you are picking them, say to your self, “I notice what is. I appreciate what is. I embrace what is. I accept what is.”

As you say these words recall certain areas of your life that could use an infusion of embracing what is.

Then start describing the attributes of the dandelion and say, “You are beautiful. You are strong. You are dependable.”

Take a few deep breaths to take in the benefit of this practice.

Then enjoy your dandelion bouquet for the day and enjoy your step toward freedom for a lifetime.


When I was out in my yard today I surprised myself by picking some dandelion greens for a smoothie. I read that if you pick then in early spring and add enough fruit the taste your smoothie won’t be bitter and you’ll receive all sorts of nutritional benefits.

After you’ve practiced with the dandelions, I’d love to know how your perspective has shifted. Leave a comment!

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