No Regrets

Do you have regrets? Regrets eat away at the joy in your life.

Many people say that they have regrets about not doing anything special for themselves or their loved ones when they were experiencing milestones in their lives.

Some of the regrets I’ve heard recently are “I wish we would have stopped in the middle of my mom and dad’s anniversary party to say some special words out loud as a group. I kept thinking someone else would do it.”

Another was, “My girlfriends and I all have daughters and we wanted to do something special as each of them had their first menses. Now, the time for one of them has come and gone. We’re all so busy that we still haven’t had the conversation about what we would like to do.”

And most recently someone said, “I wish I had a housewarming when I first bought my house. It was such a big step for me to take after my husband and I separated but I felt awkward inviting people to celebrate “me”.”

All of these regrets add up to quite a sense of loss. Being too cautious, too busy or too fearful has a very big cost.

Often we have a bright idea but if we don’t take one definite step to follow through or reach out for help our dreams can turn into regrets.

I have never heard anyone say that they regret having marked a transition, instead recalling the memory of the event lifts their hearts.

When I work with my clients to create a ceremony, our final session is a Reflection on the ceremony to recall the gems. Some of the comments are…“My ceremony filled me with strength”, “I now know that I can receive love in so many ways”, “All of my friends gleaned something”, “I feel confident”, “I felt peace and satisfaction”, “I felt so relaxed for the rest of my special day”. I could go on and on.

Following through on your inspiration by creating ceremony that is authentic to you is a powerful tool that will transform your life.

Take the first step. Get out a pad of paper and brainstorm. Let one idea lead to another that leads to another. At some point your direction will clear.

Invite a supportive friend or family member for tea. Share your ideas and have a conversation that stirs your enthusiasm. Choose your next steps.

Write a brief “imagined” thank you from someone who will benefit from the ceremony that you are preparing. Knowing the impact your ceremony will have on your loved ones will add fuel to your fire.

Dear Your Name Here, I want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you prepared for Mom. I will never forget the look on her face as each of us shared our words of love. And weren’t the kids delightful circling around her with their song! I’m sure the laughter afterwards during our celebration will nourish her for weeks to come.

Your Sister

Find the support you need to acknowledge the important turning points in your life and the lives of those you love.

Live your life with no regrets.

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