Making Way for a New Year

As 2016 comes to an end, I encourage you to spend some time reflecting over the past year.

Set a few uninterrupted hours aside. Make a cup of tea, get out your journal and find a comfortable place to sit to mine your memory for the things that nourished you, inspired you, motivated you, brought you joy, enlivened you and delighted you in 2016.

Try setting a timer as you reflect on each quality and write without stopping in a stream of consciousness manner. In this way you’re sure to discover some gems.

Sit with the memories that arise. Let the good feelings wash over you.

Then ask, “What am I especially proud of?”

Try filling in the blank one after another.

“I am proud of _______________.”
“I am proud of _______________.”

Let yourself be surprised at what comes both big and small.

Then ask this question “Who or what supported me in moving forward in my life/ being my best self?”

It is said that, “the brain is like Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones.”(Rick Hansen)

By framing your year in the positive, you will move into the new year feeling kindness towards yourself and you’ll be motivated to nurture future opportunities.

There are some wonderful suggestions on how to support this practice here in Rick Hansen’s post “Take in the Good”.

In every moment choose the way you tell your story.

I’m wishing you a wonder filled New Year!

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