Make it Happen!

It breaks my heart when someone tells me that they had hoped to acknowledge an important transition but somehow the time came and went and nothing happened. It could be a special birthday, an important accomplishment, recovery from illness or even a heartfelt thank you.

Next time you hear that voice inside your head that says, “I’d like to do something to mark this time”, don’t linger there, instead, take some action no matter how small.

Don’t just think it through, DO it through!

Action propels “I’d like to do something” to ‘’I’m working on something” which opens the way to a desire fulfilled.

And there is nothing like the satisfaction of a desire fulfilled!

Here are ‘4 Simple Ways to Move Forward’ on marking a special time in your life or the lives of those you care about.

Write It Out
Use a free flowing stream of consciousness journaling method to let the ideas flow. Let your idea expand into possibilities. Watch as the gems appear.

Speak It Out
Get together with a supportive friend and run your idea by them. Two heads can expand an idea from something that feels overwhelming into one that has ‘wings’.

Keep It Simple
If you have a grand idea, distill it down to its essence. There is a far greater chance that a simple gesture will come to fruition. Simple adds ease to the process of creating meaningful experiences and lasting memories.

Get support
Share your desire with someone you know will support you by saying “what a great idea!” or “what can I do to support you?”.

When I talk with someone who has created a special ceremony or offered a simple gesture to acknowledge a transition their words of “ I made something amazing happen for my family” or ‘I valued myself and now I feel such satisfaction” are music to my ears.

It’s the look on their face of deep gratitude and appreciation that tells it all. I want that for you!

What important time in your life are you ready to mark? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

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  1. rebecca
    Posted July 14, 2015 at 12:06 am | Permalink

    I love your ideas!!! I started writing in a new journal and its so freeing! Have fun in Oregon may you have wonderdul connections!!!

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