Love’s Invitations

A few mornings a week I awake early and travel through the darkness to the hot yoga studio. It’s relatively easy for me to commit to this practice. When my alarm goes off I just picture the warm studio and me in the first posture which is one of resting on my back.

I love hot yoga! Every day I hear words of wisdom spoken in the context of yoga and I draw those insights into my everyday life. Today I offer the words so beautifully spoken by one of my first teachers, Marion, who’s beautiful voice and fresh perspective is infused with gentleness, fun and wisdom.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, here are three of Love’s Invitations (via Marion) …

“Let yourself be guided.” When I first heard Marion say this, I felt such a sense of relief. It is so beautiful to be willing to let yourself be guided, in a challenging yoga class by a trusted teacher, by a therapist through deep emotional work or by the force of love always encouraging you to take the higher road.

“Be willing to go somewhere you’ve never been.” Why not try something new? Of course you don’t feel completely comfortable but the perspective offered by a new ‘place’ can be so life affirming, even exhilarating. Finding the path of love often feels awkward but once there you’ll notice an unwavering sense of solid ground.

“Open your heart and let your light shine.” Remember that you ALWAYS have a choice and the world needs you. It needs you to caste YOUR light illuminating a better way.

Let yourself be guided. I invite you to let love inform your choices moment to moment during your day today.

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    Beautiful Jovanna.

    • Jovanna
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      Thank you, Laura…

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