Light Up Your Life

I light a candle each time I begin a session with a client whether we meet in person or on the phone or via skype.

I like to use beeswax tea lights that I purchase at our local market from the people who raise the bees for honey. They smell so good.

The ritual of lighting a candle “warms” the atmosphere of the space where we meet and it brings focus to the time we spend together.

At the end of each session we return our attention to the candle and acknowledge some of the insights we’ve gained and offer gratitude for the time we’ve spent together.

Lighting a candle acknowledges the sacred quality of our work together.

I encourage you to use the ritual of lighting a candle in your everyday life.

Light a candle when you wake up and sit for a few minutes in the quiet.
Light a candle as you drink a cup of tea and read inspiring words.
Light a candle to center yourself before making an important phone call.
Light a candle as you express your inner most feelings in your journal.
Light a candle when you pay your bills in gratitude for all that you have.
Light a candle to find comfort when you’re feeling sad or lonely.
Light a candle when you eat to offer thanks for the nourishing food.
Light a candle in celebration when you’re happy.
Light a candle before you make an important announcement.
Light a candle for guidance during a ‘heart to heart’ with a loved one.
Light a candle to find calm before sleep.

Lighting a candle is a powerful way to light up your life with warmth, beauty, celebration, support, comfort and clarity.

Are you willing to light up your life?

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