Let Simplicity be Sublime

Today when I was hanging my laundry outside to dry, I looked up and noticed the sky. There was a lower layer of puffy clouds moving quickly and an upper layer that was still.

I was so delighted to have noticed!

My delight turned into desire and I decided to lie down in the grass like I remembered doing as a child. I felt the cool earth under my body and the warm summer breeze brush across my flip-flopped feet.

I listened to the neighbourhood crows calling back and forth to one another and wondered what they were saying. My shoulders began to relax.

I observed lacy green leaves against a blue sky dappled with white clouds. I saw a tiny bird soaring way up high smooth and free.

My heart was filled with gratefulness and I was renewed.

When is the last time you let your laundry liberate you? Or you invited your broom to lead you to some unexpected wonder?

Try it this weekend and let me know about your journey.

Let simplicity be sublime.

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