It’s a Miracle

A few years ago I gave my family a bird feeder for Christmas. We hung it outside in early January and waited and waited.

One morning, two weeks later, I found myself at odds with my partner Scott. He’s a wonderful guy but I have a special knack of not noticing this at times.

As a feeling of separateness was beginning to consume me, there was a movement outside and when I looked out of my kitchen window, I saw not one but two beautiful cardinals.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were at our feeder and they looked so content there together, sharing a meal.

I called out to Scott, “Come quick!”. I wanted him to witness the arrival of the birds. In that moment of excitement, my separateness dissolved and I felt connected to Scott again, just like that.

It felt like a miracle!

Miracles surround us everyday and it’s up to us to notice them.

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my kitchen table thinking a series of bewildering thoughts. At times, I can be very good at that.

I was falling into an emotional abyss and I wondered how I would possibly get out, when I looked up and noticed flowers in the vase on my table.

There were tulips so exquisite tears came to my eyes.

I had been falling but when I let those beautiful flowers catch me, my mood shifted, bringing a feeling of deep appreciation into my heart.

Another miracle!

There is nothing accidental or incidental about the miracles that occur during a ceremony. I tell my clients to look for the unexpected gems and because they believe in and are anticipating miracles, they are always revealed.

Within a ceremony a miracle might appear as the sudden ‘ah ha’ of truly knowing your next step in life, the deeply moving words of love and support offered by a friend, or in an outdoor ceremony, the excitement of the shared experience of a warm rain shower.

Ceremonies are miracles we purposefully create.

Because our intentions are strong, you can count on ceremonies to call in miracles of clarity, connection and celebration.

Are you willing to notice the miracles?

I wonder what unexpected miracles will arrive in your life today?

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