Inviting In Balance

‘Inviting In Balance’ was the theme of the workshop I offered last Saturday afternoon. An amazing group of women gathered to learn about creating personal ceremony to bring balance into their lives by aligning with the wisdom of Tree Pose, a simple yoga balancing pose. There is nothing simple about balancing in Tree Pose. At first it’s more of an awkward wobbling pose and it’s easy to fall out. But as you bring awareness to the pose, you start to understand how to invite in a sense of balance. Using your breath as your guide, you learn to rely on focus, strength and even compassion as you practice balancing in tree pose.

I believe that finding balance in your life has to begin with noticing when balance happens. One way to notice is by creating a very simple personal ceremony to invite it in. Each of us participating in my workshop chose an affirmation and actions that were meaningful to create a personal ceremony to invite moments of balance into our lives. My affirmation is very simply, ‘I love this moment of balance”. I’ve been inviting balance in every time I look in the mirror…”I love this moment of balance”, when I get up from my writing practice…“I love this moment of balance”, when I’m finished doing the dishes …“I love this moment of balance” and when I feel irritation …“I love this moment of balance” (This is guaranteed to shift the energy!).

Do you know that whatever you pay attention to grows? This week I am feeling more balanced than I have in a very long time. My personal ceremony is helping me realize that I make my own choices about what I do, and more importantly about how I feel. This simple ceremony is showing me that when I place my attention on balance, the quality of balance arises in my life. A big smile is growing on my face as I realize yet again that “this stuff really works”!

This week I have enjoyed receiving emails from the participants of my workshop with their insights, simple and profound. I will continue to offer ceremony groups to introduce people to the power of personal ceremony because this stuff really works and I am passionate about sharing it.

I want you to have the tools to create balance in your own life.

5 Ways to Find Balance

Balance requires focus. Focus on your goals and focus on this moment.
Balance relies on the breath. Your breath can easily move you from frustrated to free.
Balance relies on compassion for yourself, when you “fall down”.
Balance takes willingness. You must work your way to balance.
Balance must be rooted with intention. Align with Tree Pose and feel deep roots grounding you in your life’s vision.

Balance doesn’t happen miraculously but it feels like a miracle when it happens.

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